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44th Global Privacy Assembly 2022 (GPA)

A Matter of Balance: Privacy in The Era of Rapid Technological Advancement

begin 25 Oct 2022
end 28 Oct 2022
location Istanblul

At the invitation of the Turkish data protection authority KVKK, the 44th annual assembly of the GPA, an association comprising more than 130 data protection supervisory authorities from all over the world, will take place in Istanbul. In addition to a closed session for GPA-members, the conference consists of an open session for interested participants in the fields of science, business, governments, etc. The conference highlights the challenges for data protection arising from the ever faster development of communications- and data processing technologies. 

The Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information, Prof. Ulrich Kelber, will deliver a speech on how increasingly international data flows can be effectively regulated by appropriate measures and cooperation between data protection supervisory authorities.


Halic Conference Center
34445 Beyoğlu/ / Istanbul