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Hand-over of keys for the BfDI's new office building

Bonn, 25 May 2020

On Monday, 25 May 2020, the Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (BfDI), Professor Ulrich Kelber, officially inaugurated the new office building for his authority. The chief construction manager of the company Züblin, Rolf Honecker, handed over the symbolic golden key to BfDI Prof. Kelber and his deputy, Jürgen H. Müller.

After work-intensive weeks of moving, the employees of the BfDI now start their daily work in the new building. So far, they have been distributed at two locations in Bonn.

The new site provides space for further personnel increase at the BfDI. It is barrier-free and provides 13 rooms for events, meetings and video conferences. The infrastructure ensures important security standards such as particularly secure networks, interception protection and strict access controls. The building was constructed in 1999 and has a rental space of about 11,500 m². The conversion for the BfDI began in October 2019.