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Here you will find positions of the BfDI on the important data protection topic "telecommunications".

The E-Privacy Regulation focuses on regulating the confidentiality of communications (secrecy of telecommunications), the processing of communication data (previously traffic data) and the storage and reading of information on terminal equipment (e.g. cookies). This regulation is also intended to regulate the protection of privacy in connection with the display of telephone numbers and end-user directories, direct marketing by electronic communication and supervision. The controversial legislative process, which has been going on for more than four years, is now entering the final round. More: E-Privacy Regulation

blue glowing lock and next to it are digital lines (refer to: E-Privacy Regulation)

Data retention, which has always been a matter of controversial discussion, is currently suspended in Germany. At the German and the European level, however, its re-introduction is constantly being discussed. Data retention is and has been the subject of various legal proceedings. More: Data retention

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