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Global Privacy Assembly

The Global Privacy Assembly (GPA), which was known as the International Data Protection Conference until 2019, serves to exchange views and experiences at a global level. It currently includes over 130 data protection authorities from all over the world as accredited members.

group picture of the participants of the 41st ICDPPC meeting
Source: IDP Albania

Organisation of the GPA and the BfDI

The first International Conference was organised in Bonn in 1979 at the invitation of the then Federal Commissioner for Data Protection. Since then, the Conference has been held annually in changing locations until 2020 and 2021, when the format of a virtual conference was applied due to the worldwide Covid 19 pandemic. The next International Data Protection Conference shall take place in Turkey in October 2022.

The BfDI is a member of the GPA’s governing body, the so-called “Executive Committee”, of the GPA’s Strategic Direction Sub-Committee, and participates in the GPA’s working groups. Moreover, in April 2021, the BfDI took over the chair of the newly established “GPA Reference Panel”, which functions as the GPA’s external advisory group.

The GPA’s work

The GPA regularly discusses globally relevant issues relating to data protection policy and data protection law and develops pertinent resolutions and recommendations. These are aimed at data processing companies, authorities or organisations around the world. At the same time, these documents have an influence on national legislators and thus contribute to good data protection. The documents published as joint positions of the data protection supervisory authorities gathered in the GPA receive great worldwide attention.

In the extended part of the annual conference, the GPA deals with current social, legal and technical developments that have a global impact on the right to privacy. Representatives of international organisations and non-governmental organisations as well as from science and industry also participate in this event. The Conference thus provides impetus at international level for the further development of data protection and the right to privacy – with the aim of safeguarding them even under changing conditions. 

GPA resolutions

Here are the resolutions of the Global Pirvacy Assembly. You can find translated versions on the German website.

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